Arvert, close to La Palmyre and Ronce-les-Bains seaside resorts, is a relaxing place in a peaceful countryside but it is also a dynamic town with leisure facilities, sign-posted hikes and numerous summer activities.
Arvert’s main activity is sea-oriented thanks to around 30 oyster-farms situated along its two harbours, Coux and La Grève à Duret. These two oyster-centres make of Arvert a topmost place for the breeding of the “Marennes-Oléron” oyster.
If you are fond of painting, hiking and photographing Arvert is for you! You’ll love its variety of sceneries: the hills overlooking the river Seudre where sailing boats are gliding, the agricultural plain and its colourful vineyards and wheat fields as well as the marshes bordering the 6000 hectares of the Coubre forest.